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Darren Loucas eventful Music. Deep & elegant solo guitar {duos trios and more }
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"I flew Darren to Minneapolis to play during the cocktail hour and dinner at my wedding. He was terrific. He has a vast library of songs that he can draw upon which he plays with uncommon ability. Darren can play anything brilliantly. However, what sets Darren apart is his ability to transform and rearrange songs from different genres that perfectly fit the setting. You don't think you want to hear Led Zeppelin at a dinner party. Wrong. At our wedding, Darren rearranged several "hard" and familiar songs that were recognizable, harmonic and absolutely fresh. Pure Genius. Thanks Darren!" - Robert J. Town, Ph.D. - National Bureau of Economic Research

“Darren’s guitar playing is... a revelation”

”...Darren’s music is a cocktail of pop, rock, and blues, full of those genre’s sweetest strains."
- The Stranger

“I can't think of another musician that I more enjoy listening to or, for that matter, playing music with, than Darren Loucas. Aside from his tremendous facility as a guitarist and singer, he finds a way to bring out the soul of a song. Playing and singing are one thing, making music is another. Darren makes music. ” - Dave Dederer - The Presidents of the United States of America

"We have been using Darren as a stand-alone guitarist and with his band of merry melody makers for several years with outstanding results. The man has some seriously good music to play and I can’t say enough about his toe tapping tunes… you will enjoy his mix of music for sure!" - Kevin Conroy – President, Blue Rooster Marketing and 509 Wine

"Darren was an excellent addition to our donor appreciation event. He was polished, professional and played beautifully, -- adding the perfect ambiance to our cocktail party and outdoor dining experience. I would highly recommend Darren Loucas for all of your event music needs." - Jennifer Wright - Special Event Manager, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Solo Guitar

1-3 hours
Additional hrs.

$250 - $500
$100 - pr hr

*Depending on your event, you might want the "oomph" of upright bass or the "kick" of the drums if you want people up and dancing. I have the privilege of playing with many of Seattle's top musicians and will work with you to assemble the perfect combo for your event.

Duos, trios and more - please call or e-mail for rates.

I've been teaching private music classes and workshops for over 12 years. In my practice, I treat every student is an individual with unique tendencies and tastes. An essential part of my method is finding the approach that best suits their learning style.

Our sessions are very interactive and fun. I'm very passionate about leading students to a place of confidence and capability- not only as guitarists, but as musicians.

My greatest joy in teaching is helping students learn to play and express the music they love. Along the way we learn the fundamentals -music theory, chord theory, scales, ear training, etc. AND depending on one's inclination, improvisation, singing and songwriting.

This includes travel so your rate is determined by location.

"Darren is a great teacher. He taught my brother for 6 years and me for 1 year. He really helps you and really spends time trying to understand what you need to know and how he needs to teach it to you. Darren was and still is a great teacher and i recommend him to anyone learning how to play guitar." - Sophia Cohen, aged 10

"Over the last 15 years, I've known Darren as a bandmate, friend and guitar teacher to my wife and children. As a fellow musician, I count Darren among the best (meaning most musical) guitarists in the area, if not THE best. He is also excellent company. Darren had my wife and and two young children fingerpicking Simon & Garfunkel songs within a few weeks of starting lessons. Can't recommend Darren highly enough!" - Dave Dederer - The Presidents of the United States of America

"After never having played an instrument in my life I was given a banjo for Christmas. I have long been a fan of banjo music and was very excited. I was also given Darren's name as a possible instructor. That was another gift! His teaching style put me at ease, his skill level was awesome, and his ability to work with a neophyte was wonderful. I'm learning, picking and strumming. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat." - Vera Taylor, CEO Vera Taylor Associates

"Darren Loucas taught both of my kids guitar and piano. My youngest started with him when he was just 9 years old. By the time he was 10 years old, he was playing Back in the USSR in front of his middle school, solo acoustic version. By 5th grade he was in a school of rock band and he played Dear Prudence in front of 400 people solo see youtube. Now that my son is 13, he is practicing on his own and contemplating a new band. My 16 year old started with Darren at the age of 12 and Darren helped him figure out how to play Great Balls of Fire for his grand parents 50th anniversary, as well as "Imagine" at his 8th grade graduation see youtube. Darren has been a great influence on music for my kids. He didn't teach them how to play music, he taught them how to feel it and experience it. Our family loves Darren and appreciates everything he as done for our boys. Thanks." " - David O'Neal, Political Consultant, Green Energy Solutions

"Darren was my guitar teacher for several years, starting in high-school up until I went off to college. His patience taking me from the simplest notes and chords, up through full, complicated songs, was wonderful. Darren is an understanding, kind, and talented teacher; I still play songs I learned with him to this day. I highly recommend Darren for both you and your children if you are looking for lessons, wanting to learn the very basics of guitar, or improve your existing skills." " - Will Pigott, Playboy, Raconteur, Young Lion...last I checked…

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